FYR is...

FYR is an independent company working to commercialize groundbreaking light field electro-optical technology originally invented by Lockheed Martin.

FYR is developing and bringing to market a portfolio of technologies originally developed in complete secrecy as a component of various military and defense solutions. These technologies collectively represent a major step forward for the future of visualization.

FYR is poised to disrupt military and civilian flight simulation, enterprise AR, and ultimately VR markets with our unique Facet-based architecture for head-mounted display systems. This holistic solution solves every major pain point of existing HMDs, offering extremely high resolution across the entire human visual field – with zero eye strain and viewable in any lighting condition – all in a slim, lightweight form factor.

FYR is comprised of members of the original team from Lockheed Martin who invented and developed the intellectual property, which is now licensed to FYR, as well as experienced innovators and business leaders from other organizations and backgrounds.

FYR is building the future of human head-worn displays, delivering a platform to fundamentally change how we interact with visual information.

FYR is changing the way we see the world.


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our heritage

where we come from

FYR’s heritage comes from the aerospace industry. Our team of engineers began their legacy at the legendary "Skunk Works®," the advanced research and development arm of aerospace leader Lockheed Martin, before leaving to form FYR, Inc. The FYR engineering team approaches problems with the same zeal for discovery and quest for solutions that it gained while working at Lockheed Martin Corporation. Innovation in a "quick, quiet, quality" setting is how we instinctively operate, and while FYR is now a separate company, this core philosophy still applies.

The FYR technology arose from the aerospace world, and now we're taking it to its next stage. FYR knows how to think outside the box, and we know how to deliver solutions that work. We’ve tackled the myriad of challenges facing the AR/VR industry from a different angle, and every aspect of our architecture is based on sound science and engineering.

This is the way we naturally think.


our mission

why we're here

We strive to make a profound difference in how people see, experience, and interact with the world around them.

This means breaking the mold in very fundamental ways, solving multiple problems simultaneously, and taking non-traditional approaches to overcoming some of our industry’s biggest challenges. We are engaged daily in advanced design, breaking limits, and evaluating next steps. We constantly balance sound engineering principles and approaches with creative (read “outlandish”) thinking, and it is this balance that sets us apart from our competitors.

our mission

our vision

where we're going

Our vision is simple, but far reaching:

Shape the way people experience reality.

Our breakthrough technology offers radical new approaches to advanced visualization, fundamentally changing how we connect with our environments, and affecting everything from our entertainment to our jobs. Adding new dimensionality and broadening our horizons, our aim is to revolutionize the way society communicates, collaborates, and creates.

our vision

our values

how we're getting there


We believe that acting with integrity in all we do is fundamental to who we are as a company, and this belief carries through everything from our daily interactions with each other as a team to coordinating long term relationships with partners and suppliers.


Fostering a truly innovative environment where creativity and forward-thinking ideas are sought, encouraged, and rewarded is the underlying philosophy that drives our approach to business. Unconventional wisdom is the norm at FYR, and no idea is too out-of-the-box.


As with any high-performance team, operating with excellence is one of the basic tenets of our approach to work, play, and everything in between. Our team is comprised of award-winning and industry-shaping leaders who have made careers of raising the bar and pushing the boundaries.

our values

our brand

a light unto the darkness

Across the course of human history fire has been a harbinger of progress. From the legends of Prometheus and our distant ancestors, to the very fuel that powers our exploration of the cosmos, the concept of fire has evoked warmth, energy, and life.

In the middle-ages the word “fyr” spoke of hearths and torches, the instruments of light that illuminated the darkness.

At FYR we strive to develop unique technologies that ignite transformative experiences.

our brand