breaking free...

Traditional HMDs are bulky, power-hungry, and fill only a small portion of the visual field with mediocre resolution at best. These limitations plague every player in the AR and VR space across every industry, from military to enterprise to entertainment. They’re not uncommon problems, it’s simply physics: there’s only so much light a lens can accommodate; there’re only so many pixels a GPU can drive.

it's time for a new direction

We’re tackling these problems from a completely different angle. Our groundbreaking architecture is a radical departure from conventional approaches that all hit those same limitations. Our patented design harnesses the power of true light fields: a small, tileable dual-sided pair of electro-optical light field chips, which collectively we call the Facet. Each Facet captures, augments, then re-emits the full volume of light the way our eyes naturally see. Instead of looking at a digital image like a smartphone screen, we look through the facet into the three-dimensional space behind it. The effect is like looking through electronic glass.

Through our unique tiling system, these Facets can span the surface of any opaque substrate. And because each Facet collects and transmits its own portion of the visual field, the net result appears like a seamless integration of tiny windows that essentially render the substrate invisible.

If your mind is wandering with possibilities, you’re not alone. Our design has garnered widespread attention from some of the biggest names in electronics and computing, industry movers from enterprise to entertainment, and leaders in aviation and space travel. This is the future of displays, and the next step in the evolution of AR and VR.

a glimpse into FYR's engineering design for the XR Visor...


the Visor

like digital sunglasses

The only device to offer full functionality in both AR and VR domains with a true Mixed Reality experience, our XR Visor matches human visual acuity and covers the entire field of view, all in a lightweight and slim form factor that wears like sunglasses. Data throughput, power management, virtual object occlusion, and light efficiency are all addressed by our system, culminating in a sleek wearable that truly is wearable, all day, every day, both indoors and out.

The HMD assembly is comprised of three distinct parts:

  • the Visor, which can be attached to a variety of Frames, depending on the use case
  • the default Frame for everyday general use, featuring our proprietary FYR-Port connection and embedded spatial audio system
  • the pocket-sized External Power & Computing Unit (EPCU), keeping weight and bulk off the face

The Visor is comprised of two tiled arrays of our Facet chips, with the light field sensors facing outward and the light field displays facing inward. When powered, this electronic light field pass-through system appears as a seamless view to the outside world, but with the added ability to completely manipulate the light field as it’s transmitted to the eyes. Since the structure is otherwise opaque, real world light can be completely blocked – regardless of intensity. This is built-in laser eye protection in a full field augmented light field display.


the Facet

a modular EO light field chip

The Facet is the core building block of the FYR Visor. It's a tileable electro-optical chip pair that captures and processes a light field on one side, then re-emits the augmented light field on the opposite side. We call this concept "emulated transparency".

Each Facet is comprised of a light field sensor and a light field display with embedded logic, both of which feature multiple custom electronic and optical layers. The resulting volumetric imagery captured and re-emitted matches visual acuity (60 pixels/angular degree) and allows for a wide range of spatial depth perception. That's roughly equivalent to 20/20 vision - enough to read small print at close proximity and recognize small details further in the distance.

There’s no vergence accommodation conflict (VAC), no washed-out colors when viewing virtual data against bright backgrounds, and no discernable latency or screen-door effect.


in summary...

Our Facet-powered XR Visor is the HMD of the future. It's been called "the Holy Grail of AR/VR" by multiple industry leaders, and though such claims may seem like a dream, our system is based on decades of proven research coupled with novel development. It's not magic, it's science.

Full Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality using the same device.

Virtual scenes that span your entire field of view.

Custom sensors and displays with resolution that matches your normal vision.

Proprietary data IO that reduces pass-through latency to sub-millisecond.

We realize these are bold claims, but we have the science and engineering to back them up. We welcome the opportunity to discuss our unique approach with interested partners and investors. For more details about our proprietary pixel, optical, and IO architectures that make this revolutionary design possible, please contact us.